How To Iron Clothes More Effectively

Ironing has to be the least enjoyable household chore unless you are among the chosen few that loves doing it. If you are one of the majority that hates doing it you probably like any advice that can help you spend less time smoothing out wrinkles and more time having a good time with your life.

The 10 tips and tricks discussed here are guaranteed to free you from your ironing board. In addition to the advice on more efficient ironing, you will discover some ideas for reducing the need for ironing in the first place.

1.     Adjusting the Dryer Settings

Does your dryer make you work more? The manual will tell you whether it has a low-crease setting. It might be labeled as ‘normal’ or ‘casual’ as opposed to fast. Slower, cooler drying generally produces fewer wrinkles.

2.     Shaking Clothes Before Putting Them in the Dryer

If you take a few minutes to un-clump the clothes before you put them in the tumble dryer, you will get fewer wrinkles in the dry laundry. You will still need to iron the clothes but with fewer wrinkles, you will spend less time ironing.

3.     Showering With Wrinkled Garments

If you have a pile of wrinkled clothes, carefully hang them on hangers then rake them into the bathroom when you shower. Ensure that your doors and windows are closed to trap the steam inside. The wrinkles should reduce as the clothes dry following this steam bath.

4.     Check Your Garment Tags

You should always check your garment’s tag beforehand to find out what materials are used. Delicate fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and silk all require a lower heat setting. Some are not to be ironed at all. Thicker threads such as linen or cotton require a higher temperature setting.

5.     Sort Clothes Accordingly

Sort your garments according to the recommended temperature working from the coolest to the hottest. Synthetics and iron silks on low to medium heat, wool on medium to high, and linens and cotton to high temperatures. It is critical to only use the right temperature setting and you need to let the iron sit for several minutes after adjusting the controls.

6.     Shop Smarter

If you would like to really spend less time ironing, you should look for clothes made from artificial fibers or those designed to be non-iron. While most such labels lie and the clothes still require ironing, they are usually quicker and easier to iron than cotton or linen garments.

7.     Allow Water to do the Work

When ironing, it is important to have a water spray bottle on hand then spray the clothes liberally before you start to iron. For the best results, allow water to sink into the fibers before you start to iron. The water loosens the wrinkles and increases the effectiveness and speed of the iron in achieving smooth clothes.

8.     Invest in an Ironing Board

People love to argue that you don’t require an ironing board for proper ironing. While it is possible to iron clothes on a bed or any other flat surface the results can never be as good. It is very important to have an ironing board especially when you iron many clothes regularly. You will even save a lot of time because you will not tire as much as when you are ironing on your bed.

9.     The Material of the Ironing Board

The material covering the ironing board and its condition can really make a difference when it comes to efficient ironing. Besides the standard cotton covers, there are Teflon and silicone coated iron board covers available. Each has an advantage over the other. For instance, the Teflon cover holds heat more efficiently while the silicone cover id smoother.

10.     Working in Batches

Working in batches might seem like an obvious tip but many people are guilty of ironing just single garments when the need to wear them arises. Ironing your clothes in batches helps you save a lot of time and stress in the end. If you would like to spend less time ironing your clothes, this point makes a lot of stress.

The Bottom Line

Ironing clothes might not be the most popular household chore but it has to be done, whether or not it is enjoyable. Some people find ironing quite relaxing and as a great way to get rid of stress while others consider it complete drudge work. However, it has to be done regardless of how you view it.

Knowing how to iron your clothes efficiently and what to look for when ironing can take the guesswork along with some of the stress out of ironing. The 10 points discussed here will help you iron your clothes more effectively and efficiently. All you have to do is simply start implementing them.