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0.1 Quick Start Guide Scott deLahunta pdf icon

0.2 DIY: 10 steps 10 minutes 1 level Bruno Martelli

0.3 Pushing Polygons #1 (interview with Bruno Martelli & Alex Jevremovic)

SECTION 1: (contexts: swanquake/ igloo)

1.1 Choreographing Cycling Anims Scott deLahunta pdf icon

1.2 Real Time Art Engines 2: Sound In Games Adam Nash pdf icon

1.3 Data Art & Interactive Landscapes Johannes Birringer pdf icon

1.4 Cultural Resonance: Participation, audiences and interface Helen Sloan pdf icon

1.5 Pushing Polygons #2

SECTION 2: (contexts: games creativity in art and society)

2.1 Art is DOOMed: The spawning of game art Shiralee Saul & Helen Stuckeypdf icon

2.2 Quake 'n Space: Duchamp's Game 40 Years After Stephen Turk pdf icon

2.3 Uncanny Valley: Realism in visualisation and character design Harry Brenton, Marco Gillies & David Surman. Edited by Helen Sloan pdf icon

2.4 Gaming, Uncanny Realism and Technical Demonstration David Surman pdf icon

2.5 My game in your gallery? Professional game developers as artists Katharine Neil

2.6 Pushing Polygons #3

2.7 Credits /Biographies

2.8 Index

Published by: Liquid Press/ i-DAT (Plymouth University). Nov 2007. ISBN Number: 978-1-84102-172-0

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